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Race Categories

42.195 KM Marathon CLOSED
Marathon is one of the most challenging physical activities one can choose to participate in. Runners who run the marathon often train for several months prior to the race and endure mental and physical pain during and after the race. However, to endure and complete a marathon is considered one of the most rewarding personal experiences. This race is ideal for runners who run and train on a regular basis, as well as runners looking to challenge themselves. Individuals, who are new to the sport of running, and who have not trained or run in a distance race before, should refrain from participating in the marathon as their first choice of race discipline.

42.195 KM Ekiden CLOSED
This is a team relay challenge. Each team must consist of 6 members. The first participant of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as the Marathon participants.

21.1 KM Half Marathon CLOSED
Half marathon is also considered a long distance race and appeals to serious runners, though it is half as long as a marathon. Runners participating in the half marathon should have trained for the race in advance, similar for a marathon. Likewise, the running distance also poses a great mental and physical challenge to those who choose to run a half marathon. Participants who complete the half marathon experience a great feeling of accomplishment. This is an ideal race for avid runners who are looking to work their way up to completing a marathon and also for runners looking to improve their current running base. First-time race participants should prepare well in advance if they plan on running this race!

10 KM / 10 KM – Wheelchair CLOSED
10km is a mid-distance race; however it still poses a challenge for many recreational runners. Runners participating in the 10km should undergo some training prior to entering the race and warm-up well before running the race in order to avoid injury. As long as runners are steady in pace, they should be able to complete the distance. This race is ideal for recreational runners and runners looking to challenge themselves in their first distance race. This race category is also available for wheelchair bound participants to participate in with sports wheelchairs.

750 M Kids Dash CLOSED
Kids Dash as the name suggests is a fun event. The race is designed to encourage kids to participate in a running event and take up the sport while they are young. Kids are encouraged to come out, have fun, and experience the festivities and be part of this momentous occasion! It is non-competitive race, hence participants of this race category will not be issued with timing chips. It is compulsory for a parent/guardian to accompany any child 6 years and below during the Kids Dash for safety purposes, failing which, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the participant. Only one parent/guardian issued with an identification tag will be allowed to accompany any child 6 years & below